Sessions - Ashley Lunt

Family In-Home Session

A family in-home session is exactly as it sounds...documenting your family in and around your home. I will spend time photographing whatever you'd like. You may choose simple activities such as cooking/eating dinner, working in the yard or just playing around the house. For the most part, this session is all about fun! I am more than happy to take a few directed shots. (If you are looking for mostly posed shots, I am probably not a good fit.) Session length: 1 hour.

Baby In-Home Session

Baby In-Home sessions are very similar to Family In-Home sessions, but are slower moving. I will take more organic-type photos such as mom/dad/siblings snuggling with baby and the different interactions that come with welcoming a new loved one in the home. I will take a few directed shots, but most images will have a natural feel to them. Babies age 6 months and younger work best with this type of session. Session lenth: 1-2 hours.

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